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New Zealand Sea Lion Trust Website

I worked to create a new and engaging website for the New Zealand Sea Lion Trust. My dream for this website was for it to offer an encyclopedia of knowledge on the Pakake/New Zealand Sea Lion. I took great joy in presenting easy-to-digest information and creating interactive activities to help with this.


Encountering Leopard Seals

I presented this for the Aramoana Conservation Charitable Trust and the wider public at the Port Chalmers Library in Dunedin, NZ in March 2023. This presentation covered my encounters with leopard seals across Otago, New Zealand and the research I completed on their behaviour when human stimuli were present.


Three Minute Thesis -

Living with leopard seals

I competed in the University of Otago 'Three Minute Thesis' grand final competition in August 2021. This three-minute presentation synthesised what I was researching for my master's thesis.

Human – leopard seal cohabitation in urban New Zealand

I presented this for the New Zealand Marine Science Society Conference in November 2022. This presentation covered my research on human attitudes towards leopard seals and the behaviour of an urban leopard seal during encounters with people.


Science Notes - Otago Access Radio

I was interviewed for Science Notes in May 2019

Talking About - Otago Institute

I was interviewed for 'Talking About' in March 2023