Explore animal behaviour through my research

Sun Bear Welfare

My undergraduate dissertation investigated the welfare of captive rescue sun bears through behavioural observations.

Human-Leopard Seal Cohabitation

My master's thesis investigated human-leopard seal cohabitation in New Zealand.

Leopard Seal Haul-out Behaviour

The first study in my thesis presented the first behavioural observations of leopard seals in New Zealand and within the context of cohabitation.

Leopard Seal Encounter Behaviour

The second study in my thesis presented anecdotes from eyewitnesses who encountered or observed an encounter with the urban leopard seal named Owha.

Human Perceptions of Leopard Seals

The third study from my thesis investigated Auckland harbour users' perceived impacts of human-leopard seal cohabitation.

Leopard Seal Distribution and Diet

As a volunteer, I contributed to the collection of data on leopard seals around New Zealand.